Sunday, November 4, 2007


I am thinking of doing "night-time warped focus" as my concentration. It is kind of hard to explain but once i get some pictures of it I think that you will understand. The best way I can try and say what it is that I will take photographs of people, places, or things that are warped and whatever it is has all of the attention or focus on it by using the different aspects of art (line, pattern, etc).
im thinking about maybe something like this picture. I like taking pictures at night because with the slow shutterspeed you kind of have an idea of what your going to get but a lot of cool unexpected things in the photograph with lights and other elements that effect night-time photography. im not thinking to make it quite this warped where you cant see anything but this basic idea.


lhsap2aubreyf said...

I really like your idea. Because of the nighttime aspect of your concentration, you'll have a fascinating range of colors to work with! I like the twilight image you posted as an example. It would be interesting to see some more of those: a murky silhouette paired with striking illumination in places.

Andrew Clayton said...

nice bacardi. nice

lhs2kirstenk said...

oh man nick great job. what a great picture. wow you rock. your so good. dang i wish i could take fansy looking pictures like you. be proud of your self nick. beautiful picture. give yourself a pat on your back.

ha but really this is a very good picture nice job i like it alot.

lhsap2NickB said...

well as much as id like to say its mine.. its not. but thanks kirsten! i am hoping to make some like it though!